Why use a tour operator?

There is an old saying in business that people do business with people they like. This is vital in the golf travel world and a golf tour operator with a network of owners and general managers they can call on is a competitive advantage to making your tour a success. With a first class track record going back to 2004 Links Golf Ireland is among the top tour operators who can deliver unique experiences time after time.

Planning - How soon should I start?
With tourism booming in the UK and Ireland, getting ahead of the main crowd requires 9-12 months planning to ensure you get your wish list of tee times. We suggest getting the ball rolling the summer prior when you in golf mode and seeing your friends with the opportunity to engage and recruit trip members. There are some trigger points we see over time with The Masters, The Open Championship and the PGA Championship when groups start to think about their next golfing adventure. Plan to shortlist your potential travel partners in the summer prior to the trip and email them for expressions of interest. Establish a commitment date for getting trip deposits and sign up and if your friends are sluggish to respond encourage them to take their place before someone else does. Give Thanksgiving as a final deadline to buy into the trip. All going well if you are shooting for a group of 8-12 signed up, getting there by early October is a good objective and should be ample time for securing the desired tee times.

Budgeting - What does a trip cost?
Travelling trans Atlantic to the UK or Ireland varies considerably. Length of stay, courses you will play and level of accommodations are some of the key variables which will determine cost. As a ballpark guide we would say to consider the following;

  • Flights. Economy flights will cost $800 to $1300.
  • Golf tee times, transport and accommodation will cost $3,500 to $4,500 on average for a 6-7 night trip playing premier courses and staying in good four star hotels with a driver for the duration of your trip.
  • Spending money including caddies will cost $1000 to $1,500.

These costs are based on an average trip but as you can see its going to be almost a $5,000 investment in a bucket list golf trip.

When should we travel?
The golf season in the UK & Ireland is typically year round but from a visitors standpoint April to October are the months we see overseas guests. We would be expecting warmer weather between June and August but its quite common to see temperatures hovering near 60 in April, May and September. Of course some fine weather is not unusual. September is actually the busiest month for golf travel as kids are back in schools and college and people have a bit more freedom to travel. We recommend twelve months planning if your preferred month of travel is September. April and October are months when you can save up to 25% on your package and airfare so don't rule out the shoulder season.

How do we book?
We require a 60% booking deposit to get your trip confirmation underway. It is important to note that generally 30% of your total trip payment is non-refundable. We recommend taking out a travel insurance policy for peace of mind. The balance of your trip is due 90 days prior to arrival. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex via secure payment gateway which will be provided to your guests in preparation for booking. Its not a problem for us to take individual payments from your trip participants.

Travelling as couples
Whether you are travelling as golfing couples or a trip where there are non golfing guests we will find the perfect balance to keep everyone entertained. We are also a heritage and leisure tour operator so we can devise an itinerary taking in the main attractions in combination or as an alternative to golf days. For additional information see www.emeraldelite.com or get in touch to discuss a golf and leisure itinerary.